New Year’s Resolutions For Wine Lovers

Posted By Don Sumner on Jan 5, 2015 |

New Year’s resolutions are easiest to keep if they’re fun, and learning more about wine definitely qualifies! Here’s a list that you can use throughout the year…

Build a collection or wine cellar
If you don’t already have a spot to store your wine, find one. It can be as simple as a closet, space under the stairs, wine fridge, or kitchen cabinet. Or, if you have the space and the means, you can do a full basement conversion.

Try new wines and International wines
If you are looking for some remarkable wines to start you off (that won’t break the bank) then we recommend:
•    From Germany: Riesling
•    From Italy (White): Pinot Grigio (aka Pinot Gris…and we make it!)
•    From Italy (Red): Sangiovese
•    From France (Champagne): Non-vintage Champagne
•    From France (Rhone): Côtes du Rhône
•    From France (Burgundy): First Cru Burgundy (closer to home: our Pinot Noir)

Give sweet a shot
Some of the most sought after, highly rated, and ageable wines in the world are considered “sweet wines”. The wines listed below can be complex, stunning, and amazing.
•    Sauterne
•    Riesling
•    Gewurztraminer
•    Late Harvest wines

Switch it up
Do you usually drink red wine? Explore white wine for a change. Or pick a new wine grape to try every month of the year. By the end of the year you might just have some new favorites.

Share with friends
The best way to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine is with a group of friends. We wrote a series of posts on this (see one, here), but the main point is to choose a varietal like Pinot Noir, have each guest bring a bottle from a different producer, add some complimentary foods, and have a wonderful time comparing notes!

Learn about the craft
You don’t have to actually go to a college to take wine courses. There are online opportunities (read our post about UC Davis courses), as well as local courses hosted by wine education centers, wineries, wine shops, culinary academies, kitchen stores, and sometimes even restaurants.

Buy a case of an age-worthy wine
Then, try one bottle every year to see how it evolves. Keep notes to see how the flavor profiles change, and you’ll learn a lot about how your wine improves with time.

Make more time for wine
Sip and savor. Appreciate each sip and learn to taste all the different flavors a single wine can offer – rich tannins intermingling with plum, blackberry, and toasty oak flavors. Or maybe cigar tobacco and raspberry nuances, lingering long after your glass wine is empty.

Cheers to 2015! Remember, Sumner Vineyards is here to help you with any of these ideas.