Posts made in July, 2014

If you’re passionate about wine, the University of California at Davis offers a series of courses that can give real depth to your interest in the grape…or even result in a degree. Many courses are online, so you can learn advanced topics from anywhere in the world. Some of their featured courses are: Introduction to Wine and Winemaking Whether you’re interested in a career in the wine industry, or are just a devoted...

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Trinity High School sisters, Tess and Shae Johnston, recently bought two Polled Hereford–Angus cross steers from our Summit Creek Ranch. The sisters plan to raise the steers, also known as “Black Baldys”, as Trinity River 4-H projects this summer. Tess and Shae have been raising animals for the Trinity County Fair since they were children, beginning with lambs and pigs, then eventually working their way up to steers. They are...

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The Wine Aroma Wheel

Posted By on Jul 21, 2014

The Wine Aroma Wheel  is an incredible tool to learn about wines and enhance our ability to describe the complexity of flavor in red and white wines. Initially, most people can’t recognize or describe aromas, so the purpose of the wheel is to provide terms to help describe wine aromas. The wheel has very general terms located in the center (e.g. fruity or spicy), going to the most specific terms in the outer tier (such as strawberry...

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Sealing The Winery Floor

Posted By on Jul 18, 2014

Our winery floor is all dressed up and ready to work. The floor was previously unfinished cement, and we were trying to decide what the best solution would be for an easy-to-clean, waterproof, surface. Sometimes simple is best. We decided to go with polishing and sealing. Polishing concrete is very similar to sanding wood. Machines equipped with diamond-segmented abrasives (somewhat like industrial-grade sandpaper) are used to grind...

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Bald Eagles Everywhere

Posted By on Jul 16, 2014

Our neighborhood in Shasta-Trinity National Forest is home to at least 38 pairs of resident eagles; 25 pairs at Shasta Lake, 10 pairs at Trinity Lake, and 3 pairs at Lewiston Lake. This constitutes close to 20% of all nesting bald eagles in California. We see these magnificent birds frequently on our ranches, because adult eagles in this area tend to remain in their nesting territory year round, and continue to use and maintain their...

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