Labeling This Week

Posted By Don Sumner on Aug 29, 2014 |

We’ve been busy all week, setting up our new labeling machine and labeling the results of our newest vintages.

Winemaking is in many ways about just getting out of the way and letting the grapes speak for themselves, but the entire process? Extremely complex.

First, there’s choosing land in an area that’s hospitable to growing grapes, and making sure there will be adequate water. Then, there’s testing the soils and planting a few different vines to see which varietals thrive the best. Choosing the right time to harvest, handling the grapes quickly and gently, and pressing off the juice is to ready it for fermentation is autumn’s work.

Steel tanks? Some time on the oak? Decisions, decisions.

And when all these things have been chosen well and the results are in the bottle (Wait. What type of bottles are we going to choose? What type of corks?), there is still the job of labeling: designing a label, getting BATF approval, printing them, and finally…applying the labels and foils (another decision!) to the final product.

We sincerely hope that the fruit (!) of all our labor lends a smile to your face and a song in your heart as you serve it to friends and family!