Our New Wine: California Cowboy Red

Posted By Don Sumner on Sep 28, 2015 |

Sumner Vineyards has a new red wine that just came in off the range: California Cowboy Red.

California Cowboy Red comes by its name honestly, hailing from the Northern California cowboy country of Summit Creek Ranch. Our ranch is made up of 690 acres in Hayfork Valley, which we use mostly for our grass-fed beef business, but we also have over a thousand acres of leased land for grazing. Along with our land at Summit Creek Ranch, these vast tracts of open grasslands are what support our 100% grass-fed beef…but we also plant vineyards, because the combination of red wine and beef just can’t be beat.

“Glorified in thousands of novels and hundreds of motion pictures, the American cowboy is so mythologized that the reality and the legend are almost inseparable. Yet the reality is that the cowboy still exists because his work is essential to the industry. In many areas of the American West he still rides a horse, though he may carry it in a horse trailer behind his pickup truck to the point where the road gives out and a horse becomes indispensable. He may survey the ranchman’s spread in a small airplane that he pilots, and he may help his employer determine with a computer matters of feed, weight, and salability. But he still dresses like a cowboy because the garb is practical; he understands cattle and horses and gazes out upon the treeless expanse just as his predecessors did. His work and his workplace, in spite of encroaching population, are still there.”
The Reader’s Companion to American History, by Eric Foner and John A. Garraty

As the name implies, California Cowboy Red is a laid back red wine that pairs well with beef. You may not be facing stampedes and wild animals, or sleep under the stars, but this is a wine that is great with chuckwagon fare. Try it with hearty burgers, chili-rubbed flank steaks, and cast iron skillets filled with smoky baked beans. Roasts, stews, and fajitas will hit the spot, too.

Pulling on some worn-out blue jeans and a beat up cowboy hat is optional, but recommended.

Interested in reading more about the Old West and its cowboys? Here are some ideas: Wyatt Earp: the Life Behind The Legend, We Pointed Them North: Recollections of a Cowpuncher, The Log of a Cowboy: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days

Wine label for 2013 Cowboy Red Sumner Vineyards